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We help you make the things you want to make!

Join our community of makers where YOU make all the difference!

We’ve all abandoned ideas & left projects unfinished

Having the right resources makes ALL the difference.

But tools are expensive, Youtube is confusing, and apartments are cramped.

Enter Seattle Makers!

We have the tools, knowledge, and work space you need to make anything!

From idea to making in four easy steps

Step 1: Buy A Membership

A recurring membership gives you access to awesome tools and discounts on classes!

Step 2: Chose a Focus

Laser cutting, woodworking, 3D printing, sewing, electronics, and so much more!

Step 3: Take a Class or Certification

Take a class to learn the basics or be certified to use the fabrication machines solo.

Step 4: Make So Much Stuff

Anything you’ve dreamed of, you can make. Show off to all your friends!

Happy Folks

Great staff, great facility! Whatever you can imagine, you can design and build it here!
~ Melinda

Seattle Makers is such a wonderful, unique, & inspiring space that all Seattle creatives must check out!
~ Ashley

Very good equipment, but more importantly, very good people. I learn something from them every time I go in.
~ Ross

Seattle Makers is a warm, welcoming space with a great vibe.
~ Tamara

You’ll have a lot of ideas…

Either turn them into completed masterpieces…

… or let them stay as scribbled notes in your junk drawer forever.

Hi!  We are Seattle Makers

After years of making cool stuff by ourselves, we created a community where we can make together!

Why? Because there’s only so far you can get by yourself.

But with a community (and the right tools) the possibilities are endless!

Come make with us!