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Tours of Seattle Makers are free and open to the public.  You’ll get to the see the classroom, shared working spaces, various machines (including laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC mill), and much more.  To make sure we have time to answer everyone’s questions, we’d like to keep the tours to 20 people.  Register here.  You don’t need to bring your ticket to the tour.
What to bring:  Your curiosity and questions.
Schedule:  Every Wednesday and Saturday, 12-1pm.  Tours last between 30-60 minutes (depending on the size of the group).


Laser cutter certification

This course is the certification to be able to use the laser cutters at Seattle Makers to make your own projects.  Open to members of Seattle Makers and non-members; members can enroll for a discounted rate.  For more information about the laser cutters and the other tools/equipment in our workshop, go here.
Equipment and Software:  Software you’ll learn is Adobe Illustrator (optional) and Inkscape (free, open source software for designing vectors).  Equipment you’ll learn is Black Cat Labs 90Watt CO2 laser with 2’x3′ bed
Skills:  You’ll learn how to set up vector files in Lightburn, our laser cutter software.  You’ll also learn about capabilities of the laser (including rotary).
What you’ll be able to to do by the end of the certification:  You’ll be able to cut objects from 1/8″ and 1/4″ wood, paper, acrylic, EVA foam, and some types of fabric.
Schedule:  Every other Saturday, 4-7pm; every other Monday, 6:30-9:30pm

Laser rotary Night

Etch your pint glasses, shot glasses, coffee mugs, wine glasses, and more with our 90-watt laser cutters and the rotary tool! This event is open to members and nonmembers ages 11 and up (under 16 with parental guardian). The event is free to RSVP.  You only pay for the items and services you choose at the event.
What we provide: We will set up the rotary tool, set up your design, and guide you through your custom etching project. We will be using Inkscape (Adobe Illustrator files will work too).
What to bring: Your ideas, and container of your choice for etching (note: must be glass, anodized aluminum, or powder-coated aluminum).
Schedule: Every other Monday, 6-10pm.


3D printer certification

This course is the certification to be able to use the 3D printers at Seattle Makers to make your own projects.  Open to members of Seattle Makers and non-members; members can enroll for a discounted rate.  For more information about the 3D printers and the other tools/equipment in our workshop, go here.
Equipment and Software:  Learn the basics of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) on our Prusa I3+ 3D Printers.
Skills:  This class will cover the printing with PLA and discuss other types of materials that can be printed. We’ll also touch on designing for 3D printing.
What you’ll be able to to do by the end of the certification:  You will learn how to take a 3D model file (downloaded or modeled by a CAD program) and use Simplify 3D software to slice it into layers for a 3D printer to print. You’ll also leave with resources to find and print amazing 3D projects.
Schedule: Every other Friday, 6-8pm; every other Sunday, 1-3pm

Troubleshoot Your 3D Printer Live

Are you brand new to 3d Printing?  Is troubleshooting your printer keepAttend this virtual event where you can ask for help with your specific print and create an actionable list for solving your 3d printers’ issues keeping you from enjoying the hobby?
Who is welcome: all 3D printer owners, ages 14 and up; members and non-members of Seattle Makers
What you’ll need:  Access to a 3D Printer that you’ve printed with – successfully or unsuccessfully.  You’ll also need a slicer installed (such as PrusaSlicer, Cura, or Simply3D).  If you don’t have these, sign up for our 3D Printer Certification.
What you’ll learn:  how to troubleshoot your specific 3D printer issues, and create an approach to solve issues in a logical manner while maintaining sanity.
Cost:  Donation-based.  Suggested donation for members = $10, suggested donation for non-members = $20
Schedule: Every other Sunday, 2-4pm

SLA printer certification

Coming soon


CNC Design 101: Intro to VCarve

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of VCarve Pro.  You’ll learn how to create paths (and holes and letters and pockets) that can be sent to robots to cut into wood (including our wood CNC mill). We’ll teach you about the different cutting bits that are used, what you’ll need to consider in designing your cuts, and the settings you’ll use for different types of bits and material.
Equipment and Software: Vectric VCarve Pro
Skills: This class will cover the basics of importing files, and creating CNC programs using VCarve Pro
What you’ll be able to to do by the end of the certification: You’ll leave with resources to design your own unique 3d products.
What we provide: Tuition includes client copy of program VCarve: Makerspace edition
What to bring: A PC with Windows or Linux, with the VCarve Pro trial downloaded.  We recommend using a mouse (not trackpad) for designing.  We will provide a laptop and mouse if you don’t bring your own (Mac users are welcome – you can do much of your initial design on a Mac and then use VCarve on the shared laptop PCs to complete your project.)
Schedule: Every other Sunday, 4-6pm

CNC mill certification

This course will teach you how to use the CNC mill at Seattle Makers to cut your designs from wood or plastic.  This course builds on the CNC Design 101: Intro to VCarve course.  Open to members of Seattle Makers and non-members. Members can enroll for a discounted rate.  For more information about the CNC mill and the other tools/equipment in our workshop, go here.
Prerequisite:  You will need to attend CNC Design 101: Intro to VCarve as a prerequisite for this machine certification (exceptions can be made if you are generating g-code with another software for use on our CNC. Contact Jeremy for approval).
Equipment and Software: 30″x30″ Shapeoko CNC Router with Dewalt 1.25hp router DWP611. CAM software is CNC JS, a free browser based software that can be found here.
Skills: This class will cover the basics of generating g-code for the CNC, setting up material, bit selection, and using the machine software to cut or engrave various material. The skills learned here are easily transferable to larger or smaller CNC machines, including our metal mill and PCB “woodpecker” mill.
What you’ll be able to to do by the end of the certification: You’ll be able to set up your material, router bit, clamps, and dust collection.  Upload g-code, home the machine, set up your start point and z height, and run your cut. You’ll learn how to stop the machine and all fire safety precautions.
Schedule: Every other Saturday, 4-7pm


Arduino Meetup

Arduino microcontroller boards can be used to add computing logic and function to projects that incorporate LED’s, motors, displays, switches, sensors and many other micro-electronic components. Expert or novice, come to share and learn about working with the Arduino Microcontroller platform.
Who is welcome: all skill levels, ages 11 and up, members and non-members of Seattle Makers
What to bring: We encourage people to bring their ongoing projects to work on, share and/or ask questions about during the event. If you are new to Arduino, bring a laptop for installation of the Arduino development tools and software.
What we’ll provide: We will have a few Arduino boards available to test tools installations and create some simple programs.
Schedule: Every other Tuesday, 7-9pm

Raspberry Pi meetup

Learn to bake and make your own Rapsberry Pi – the computer kind that is.
Have you always wanted to learn how to program your own (fill in the blank)?  Watch, camera, sign, robot, arcade, clothing, radio, laptop?  With Pi, there’s no end of ideas!
Come gather with other Pi enthusiasts. Any level of experience is welcome. Learn new things, or show what you’ve learned to others. Don’t know what to do with your Pi? We have lots of ideas. Can’t figure something out? We’ll help!
What to bring:  Your self and your ideas! If you have a physical project you want to bring, feel free.
Schedule:  First Tuesday of every month, 7-9pm


Basic Editing in DaVinci Resolve

Are you interested in creating video content for social media or your website?  Learn how to assemble exciting video content in the free program DaVinci Resolve!
Who is welcome:  ages 12 and up; members and non-members of Seattle Makers
What you’ll need:  A desktop or laptop computer;  this is an entry level class – basic computer operation skills required
What you’ll learn:  Basic editing skills, navigation of the DaVinci Resolve program (including how to setup project file, organize video media, assemble a working video timeline, and prepare and export a completed video), and how to personalize video content to YouTube or other social media platforms.
What we’ll provide:  An archive file with example footage for editing.  You won’t need to bring your own footage.
Schedule:  Every other Friday, 6-8pm


VanLife Meetup

Are you a vanlife enthusiast who loves vehicle modification and learning from others in the community? Whether you’re a full timer, weekender or curious to learn more about the art of van and car camping we would love to see you at the next Seattle Vanlife Meetup! Join us for an evening of community cultivation and share ideas about how to live your best vanlife.
Have you made some progress on an amazing one-of-a-kind build for your van? We wanna see it! Got questions or ideas you’re hoping to share and bounce off others in the group? We wanna hear it! This meetup is all about you, your projects, your hopes and your dreams for the next phase of your vanlife.
Who is welcome:  All ages 8 and up (members and non-members of Seattle Makers) are welcome to join in this monthly event, no matter where you’re calling in from! We look forward to hearing your questions, seeing your projects and basking in your enthusiasm.
Schedule: The 2nd Thursday of every month, 7-9pm

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