Team Building

Team Building Events

If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.
~ John Cleese


Below, you’ll find some examples of things your team can do together during Seattle Makers’ team building events.  Want to check out our space before you come?  Take a virtual tour.

We’d love to know what you want to learn or play with; we absolutely adore brainstorming around here, so please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-833-2-MAKE-IT or fill out this form to offer a suggestion or ask a question.  We want to serve you and your team and for you to have a blast!

Pricing:  Call us at 1-833-2-MAKE-IT or fill out this form to get a quote for your event.

Lasers & Coffee

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty:  Easy

Description:  Design a mug featuring a favorite quote, image, or hand-drawn design, and etch it into a powder-coated, double-walled 16 oz coffee tumbler.  Develop beginner vector design skills in the open-source Inkscape software, learn about laser cutters, and watch your design emerge as a 90 watt laser blasts away the powder coating to reveal the shiny steel underneath.

Resources: Download the Miir mug design template.  Download stock vector files.

Take home: Custom laser-etched powder-coated coffee mug

Hammer & Thread

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty:  Easy

Description: Choose one of our designs that has been laser-etched into wood, and hammer in small brad nails.  Then add layers of vibrant color with your choice of string to create a custom work of art.

Take home: Custom yarn art

Laser Notes

Duration:  2 hours

Difficulty:  Easy

Description:  Start with our notepad template and create a custom design.  Add a quote, logo, or hand-drawn image, and etch it into a stylish wooden notepad box. Develop beginner vector design skills in the open-source Inkscape software, learn about laser cutters, and watch your design emerge as a 90 watt laser blasts your design in to a one-of-a-kind notepad.  You’ll assemble and glue your box and take it home.

Resources: Download the notepad box design template.  Download stock vector files.

Take home:  Custom laser-etched box (4”x4”) and pencil.  Includes stack of notepaper (3.5”x3.5”).

20190411_184522 - cropped
Collaborative Artwork

Duration:  3 hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Description:  Your team will paint the sound, sky, and Seattle Skyline as designed by renowned artist Melinda Hannah.  Each person on your team will paint a panel separately and, when finished, bring all the panels together to form a collaborative art piece. We will frame and deliver your piece, which can be produced in sizes starting at 23.5”x7.75”.  See a full example below.

Take home: Framed and laser-etched skyline of Seattle, water color on Russian Birch (one per team).


If you’re not reaching back to help anyone then you’re not building a legacy.
~ Germany Kent

We donate 5% of our revenue for each team building event we sell to one of our favorite non profits.  At your event, we’ll give you and your team a brief introduction to those non-profits, showcasing why we think they are INCREDIBLE, and you get to choose which one you want to donate the 5% to.   Through this 5% donation, we all get to partner in supporting awesome people doing awesome work to support the makers and artists in the world.  So thank YOU for buying a team building event and allowing us to give back.

We currently support the following organizations:

Image courtesy of Native Girls Code

This year-round club for young Native women provides positive role modeling through strong teachers, mentors and program partners.  Their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) curriculum emphasizes computer coding skills and expands opportunities for healthy futures.  Follow Native Girls Code (and their parent organization, the Na’ah Illahee Fund) on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Image courtesy of Key Tech Labs

Founded by brothers, Adam, Andrew, and Russell Powers, Key Tech is a non-profit mobile makerspace, bringing emerging technology to underrepresented areas.  As issues of systemic racism persist, and gaps in equality and income continue to grow in our society, the Powers brothers teach students to program by assessing everyday problems, drafting a solution and prototyping to solve issues themselves, and finally, share their solutions with the world.  Follow Key Tech Labs on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Image courtesy of ChickTech Seattle

This local chapter of a national non-profit provides opportunities and a supportive community to female-identifying students in order to broaden participation in tech and provide equitable opportunities to all.  From summer camps to our year-long high school program to our new college program, their programs provide a supportive and welcoming environment for girls and women to learn, create, and do while surrounded by mentors and friends.  Follow ChickTech Seattle on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Download the makerspace brochure