Special memberships

Special Memberships

Below are memberships that are NOT available to the public.

To send the link to a customers so they can purchase it themselves:

  1. Right-click where it says “right click here” for the membership you want to share
  2. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “copy link address”.
  3. Paste the link into an email or other message to send to the customer.  This link will send them to a cart where they can checkout with that membership.

To purchase the membership as Seattle Makers:

  1. Log into Presspoint as Seattle Makers (contact@seattlemakers.org)
  2. Navigate back to this page
  3. Click on the black button for the membership tier you want to purchase – this takes you to the cart where you can checkout
  4. In the cart, input the info for the recipient(s) of the membership.  (If the recipient IS already in the system, make sure to use the same email address they use for their account.  If the recipient is NOT in the system, assigning a membership to them will automatically create an account for them.)
  5. Fill out the other requested information and “submit”
  6. Done!

Access to all areas

Age range

$'s worth of machine time included

Member rate for classes & services

Discounts at the Maker Store (coming soon)


Link to send to customer

Buy Monthly

Pay month-to-month

75 rate

18 and up

$ 60

50 rate

18 and up

$ 60

0.50 rate

18 and up

$ 60