Maker Faire – Seattle Votes

This weekend, Seattle Makers had a booth at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire.  We had an amazing time meeting hundreds of makers, enthusiasts, craftsmen and women, and many more!  We asked folks to vote on which classes they’d most like to see at Seattle Makers.  The final tally, in order of highest to lowest, is as follows:

  • 74 votes – 3D Printing
  • 71 votes – Laser cutting
  • 45 votes – Electrical and programming
  • 43 votes – Metal working (coming soon)
  • 39 votes – CNC milling
  • 33 votes – Wood working (coming soon)
  • 22 votes – Photography
  • 21 votes – Sewing
  • 17 votes – Video recording and editing
  • 14 votes – Audio/music recording and editing

Seattle has spoken and we have listened!  Stay tuned for updates to our course schedule!  In the meantime, come take a tour and sign up for a membership!  Join us and let’s make all the things!