Raise the stakes for the holidays!

Declare what you have at stake for this holiday season or the next year at our Make a Stake Workshop lead by renowned artist Melinda Hannah!  In this workshop you will transform an ordinary wooden stake into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a physical manifestation of your intentions and declarations for your life, and what is important to you.  Melinda will teach you to use acrylic paint, metal leaf, and more to produce a vivid, beautiful piece of art.  Open to members and non-members, ages 11 and up.
What you will take with you:   A beautiful, hand-painted decorative stake to serve as a reminder of your upcoming amazing holiday season
Bring:  Yourself!
Experience:  No experience is necessary, all levels are welcome to attend.
About the Artist:  Melinda Hannah has been painting for over 30 years.  She is an advocate for people excluded from their communities to find connection and community through artistic creativity and self-expression.  She found a community through art, and works with others to find their home.  Her portraits celebrating Gay Mormons have been exhibited in museums and universities across the country, including Berkley, California, and in Salt Lake City, Utah.