Pumpkins & Costumes

It’s pumpkin and costume time!!  We’ve been getting geared up for Halloween here at Seattle Makers.  Time to hearken back to the playful creative minds of our youth and throw decorum to the wind.

Our very own Jeremy Hanson defied death and used our laser cutter to…. CARVE A PUMPKIN!!  We were a little skeptical – expecting it to end in pumpkin seeds and cooked pumpkin guts splattered all over the inside of the laser cutter. Gratefully, we were wrong and the laser came through the process unscathed.

Here is a teaser video…

And HERE is the final product!!!

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be hosting pumpkin carving and costume making events at Seattle Makers.  To laser cut your own pumpkin, carve a pumpkin by hand, and/or sew your Halloween costume, join us for one of these events.  Find out the dates, times, and what you’ll need to bring here.

Below, guests at our first event last Saturday carve pumpkins both by hand and with the laser cutter.

We look forward to carving and sewing with you at Seattle Makers!!