Optimize your eCommerce Business

We’re teaming up with General Assembly to put on this free panel discussion on eCommerce!

When?  Tuesday, June 12, 6:30-8pm
Where?  Right here at Seattle Makers!
RSVP?  Let us know you’re coming to this free event here

How can you sell online successfully? With the introduction of e-commerce to the everyday consumer, buying habits have evolved to rely on an effortless browsing and purchasing experience. Consequently, this has created a new, competitive market for sellers to have the best prices, shipping costs, and promotions, while balancing their margin and profits; often making it difficult for new business owners and crafters to jump into the marketplace.

When people are interested in selling their products online, they are often met with several questions: What price should I sell my goods for to stay competitive and earn a profit? What do I charge for shipping? As a small business owner or crafter, how can I compete with Amazon Prime or other larger companies that can float those costs? How do I reach new customers and have time to develop new ideas and products?

At this event, experts will discuss the most up-to-date information on selling online, which tools to use, and how branding plays a key role. And, we’ll hear first-hand from a maker than transformed her business from a hobby into her full-time career.

Learn more about the event and panelists here.