JCoco is LIT!

There was much excitement around the makerspace today as the pictures came out for this awesome event over the weekend.  Our friend and Seattle Makers member, Chef Tarik, unveiled an exciting partnership with local chocolate company, JCoCo at a one-of-a-kind dinner hosted at the JCoco chocolate factory.   Chef Tarik prepared a sumptuous five-course dinner with cocktail pairing, and at the end of the dinner, officially released the Boharat Middle Eastern Spice Bar in dark chocolate.  All of this is exciting enough, but the main reason for our excitement was the centerpieces in the photos.


Chef Tarik and his colleague, fellow Seattle Makers member CeiCei Shue, used the makerspace to create the custom-made candleholders that featured prominently on the dinning table.  The inspiration for the design was the chocolate bar packaging.  Together with resident graphic designer Joy, CeiCei converted a .jpg of the chocolate bar packaging into a vector drawing in Adobe Illustrator.  The same technique was used to convert Chef Tarik’s logo and JCoco’s logo into vector drawings that were added to the background design.  This design was then super-imposed over a finger-jointed box vector file created via MakerCase.   When CeiCei was happy with the design, she masked a sheet of 1/8″ Russian Birch plywood and then loaded it into the laser cutter.  After the sides of the candle holder were cut, it was simply a matter of unmasking it and gluing it all together.

And they turned out AMAZING!