Printer instructions

How to find the printer using Windows

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the bottom right of your computer
  2. Type “Printers” to search
  3. Select “Printers & Scanners
  4. A window will open: “Printers & Scanners”
    1. Select “Add printer
    2. Select “The printer that I want isn’t listed
  5. A new window will open: “Find a printer by other options”
    1. Select “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname
    2. Select “next
  6. Type a printer hostname or IP address
    1. Device type: autodetect
    2. Hostname or IP address:
    3. Port name: this will auto fill
    4. Check the box labeled “query the printer and automatically select the driver to use
    5. Select “next
  7. Your computer will automatically detect the driver needed
    1. Select “next
  8. Type a printer name
    1. Printer name: this will autofill with “HP LaserJet P3004/P3005 PCL6”; you can name the printer anything you want
    2. Select “next
  9. Printer sharing
    1. Select “do not share this printer
    2. Select “next
  10. You’re done!