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Join our community and make all the things!

As kids, we used to make stuff all the time!

Pillow forts, lego castles, mud pies – our imaginations were endless.

But then adulthood strikes and we get bogged down.

Enter Seattle Makers – a space to play and create!

Unleash your inner creative genius!

Two easy ways to start making right away!

Membership Plan

A recurring membership gives you access to awesome tools AND discounts on classes!

Team Building Plan

Bring your friends, family, or co-workers in to work with your hands and create lasting memories!

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We are all born as creative geniuses.

Either tap into it and make things your five-year-old self would be proud of…

… or let your inner child languish in quiet boredom.

Happy Folks

You can go here with just an idea, or even just an inkling, and get help, make it 100 different ways, or get inspired to do something else!
~ Becca

I would highly recommend Seattle Makers!  They have a highly knowledgeable staff and all the tools and equipment you would need.
~ Kellen

If you like lasers, cool old buildings, knowledgeable & wonderful people, this is a place for you.
~ Laurel

Hi!  We are Seattle Makers

We spent most of our lives making in isolation, which is why we set out to create a community of makers.

Why? Making on your own is fine, but you’re always limited by the resources you have at hand.

How much more can you create when you have a community and awesome tools?

Come make any and everything at Seattle Makers!