How to Help

How to Help

Updated 05.11.20 at 23:35 PST

Are you looking to help with our Covid-19 response?  Select an option below.

For Makers

For IOT Enthusiasts & welders

We are developing handwashing stations for homeless encampments and quarantine areas.  Using rainwater barrels, metal fabrication, and a variety of IOT components, we are designing an end-product that will be heavy, tamper-proof, able to be safely placed in remote locations, and drained and refilled as necessary.  More details here.

For Sewers

Pick up fabric from Seattle Makers and sew masks at home

  • UPDATE 05.11.20: We have lots of fabric back in stock.  Pick up packs of 5 fabric kits from Seattle Makers at our no-contact pickup station in front of our building, available for pick-ups on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 1-7pm.  Each roll of fabric has enough for 5 masks (1-2 hours of sewing), so please only take what you will finish.  Instructions on how to make them are here.  Follow the steps to make your donation safe, then drop off the completed masks when you’re done sewing and we’ll get them to someone who needs them. You can also keep one or several for yourself and your family.

Use your own fabric and sew a mask at home

For 3D printers
For Everyone making PPE

Fabricate hygienically

  • We have put together a video on the steps we’ve taken to ensure a hygienic space while we’re making personal protective equipment and accepting donations.  Watch Seattle Makers’ co-founder, Jeremy Hanson, describe checks and balances we’ve put in place.  Which of these suggestions can you put into place where you’re fabricating?

Donate safely

For Handy-folks

Do you have a door you need to be able to open hands-free?  We’ve made makeshift door openers out of construction brackets that can be used to open the door with your foot, without touching the handle.  Instructions on how to make your own are here.

For Folks with Laser Cutters

We have partnered with to build this acrylic box which provides a barrier between the healthcare provider and the patient while still allowing freedom of movement. matches fabricators with healthcare facilities in need of this product.  If you’re interested in making these for, email them here.  For our instructions and recommendations on this product, go here.

For Volunteers

  • We are having limited numbers of volunteers physically work a the makerspace, wearing personal protective equipment and keeping 6′ distance between people (for more information on our hygiene techniques, go here).  If you are willing and able to come volunteer at the space, email Dimitri Hunter ([email protected]) who is coordinating the volunteer effort.

Other Ways to Help

Donate fabric

  • We are out of fabric for sewn masks.  If you have fabric, but aren’t interested in sewing masks yourself, you can make sewn mask kits and drop them off at the makerspace!  Use 100% cotton, tightly woven lightweight breathable fabric, cut into 16″x15″ rectangles, and rubber band them in packs of 5.

Help us get products to the right folks

Help us distribute

  • We are now able to produce hundreds of face shields per day, and could use your help distributing them. Please let us know if you’re willing to distribute face shields to your neighborhood’s essential businesses.