Dungeons & Dragons at the Makerspace

We’re combining our passion for making things with a love for “the world’s most popular role-playing game”. Come join us to play through a session, and we’ll brainstorm ideas for new projects, talk about what’s been made so far, and have an adventure!

If you’ve ever been interested in trying Dungeons and Dragons, but didn’t know where to start, this is an excellent chance to get a sample. In addition, the game can be a fantastic source of inspiration for new crafting projects. Many players make 3D-printed figurines, some make wooden or plastic towers so they can roll their dice in a limited space, and some make custom-engraved leather-bound journals detailing their character’s adventures. Whatever your interest, we hope to start a discussion and have some fun.

Please note that in the interest of keeping things moving quickly, we have limited space for people to participate in the adventure itself, but we welcome spectators at any time. (We’re limited to 6 adventurers, not counting our Game Moderator.)

For new players: You do not need to know anything whatsoever about the game, we’ll teach you! You’ll need to arrive at 6:00 PM to create a custom character, which we’ll help with. We’ll also fill you in on the basic rules you’ll need, and loan you the required dice.

For experienced players: We’re playing 5th edition, running a homebrew adventure. Characters should be first or second level, and only use material from the Player’s Handbook – no expansions or Unearthed Arcana. You can arrive around 6:45 PM if you already have a character that fits those criteria.

Because the game relies on everyone cooperating, we ask that you plan to stay from the start time until the adventure finishes. It’s scheduled to end roughly at 9:00 PM.

August 3, 2018 6:00 PM
August 3, 2018 9:00 PM
Seattle Makers