ZArchive – Backend

Association (Culture)

Values – things we value as an organization

Agreements – agreement we have as a team

Purchases & expenses

Budget & Actual expenses – spreadsheet to fill out with proposed budget and actual expenses

Receipt submission form – form to fill out when you buy something

Purchase request form – form to fill out when you need something beyond what was approved for your role’s budget


Attribution sheet – attribution for products made from other sources

Laser FAQs

Graphics for fabrication – folder in Google drive where Designer puts completed graphics for Fabracadabra to fabricate

MemberShip Captain

Orientation Checklist

Fabrication Rates – prices for fabrication time on the machines, for members, non-members, and fabrication orders


Machine specs – specs of power and hand tools

Internet outages – log of when wireless crashes

Space guidelines – best practices for members in the space

Injury / near miss Form – form for folks to fill out if they’ve been injured or almost injured